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PHOENIX CONTACTFounded in 1923 in Essen, the global headquarters of Phoenix Contact is located in Blomberg, Germany. Phoenix Contact is a worldwide manufacturer of components, systems and solutions in the area of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. Phoenix Contact manufactures in over 10 nations: Germany, USA, China, India, Poland, Greece, Brazil, Turkey, Sweden and Argentina and employs 12,900 employees in 50 international subsidiaries. With more than 90 years of innovation experience, they produce with a high vertical range of manufacture all over the world not only screws, plastic and metal parts, but also highly automated assembly machines are build in house.

Product innovations and specific solutions for individual customer requests are developed at the locations in Germany, China and the United States. Numerous patents underline the fact that many developments from Phoenix Contact are unique in their own. In close cooperation with universities and science, future technologies like e-mobility and environmental technologies are explored and integrated into products, systems and solutions for the market. Today Phoenix Contact employs over 13,000 people in its operations. The company achieved a turnover of EURO 1.63 billion in 2013.