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SIEMENSFounded in 1847, Siemens is a largest engineering manufacturer in Europe. In fiscal 2013, Siemens has 362,000 employees generated revenue from continuing operations of about EURO 75.9 billion and income from continuing operations of about EURO 4.2 billion. Siemens technical expertise, comprehensive portfolio and long-standing experience are helping to pioneer a sustainable future across the globe. For 167 years, Siemens AG has stood for innovative strength, a passion for technology, sustainability, responsibility and an uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence.

Siemens is focusing on their positioning along the value chain of electrification. This is where their core business lies. From power generation to power transmission, power distribution and smart grid to the efficient application of electrical energy in every one of these interrelated fields, electrification, automation and digitalization are the key business drivers.

Siemens is organized into four sectors as following
Industry Sector: comprising three divisions Industry Automation, Drive Technologies and Customer Services.
Energy Sector: comprising six divisions Fossil Power Generation, Wind Power, Solar & Hydro, Oil & Gas, Energy Service, Power Transmission
Healthcare Sector: comprising four divisions