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About Tyco

TycoTyco International Ltd is a Swiss security systems company incorporated in Switzerland, with United States operational headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey. Tyco International is composed of two major business segments: Security Solutions and Fire Protection.

In January 2011, Tyco International announced acquiring Brink''s Home Security Holdings, (operating as Broadview Security) in a transaction valued at $2.0 billion. It is reported that Broadview Security will merge into Tyco''s ADT Security Services division. Its 69,000 employees around the world, 1,000 operation locations in 50 countries to generate sale over $10 billions, Tyco is the world''s largest pure-play fire and security company with over three million customers around the world.

As the global leader, Tyco advances safety and security by finding smarter ways to save lives, serving the world's most demanding environments, including banking and financial services, oil and gas, marine, government, healthcare, retail, home security, transportation and commercial and industrial, improve businesses and protect where people live and work.