About us

Engineers cannot get the right individual part number assigned by manufacturer. Designers need to have input price, bill of material for their cost efficiency system design. Planners need reference price for list of parts for their quarterly / yearly purchase plan. Sourcing Officers don’t know where to find the supplier for requested parts.

PNLookup.com is a tool to search part number of more than 20,000 manufactures up to 20 millions component parts. The site also provides information about factory part, model code, description, pricing and manufacture information such as name, address, telephone, fax and headquarter location.

Our visitors come from more than 100 countries, hundreds thousands impressions everyday. Distributors can go with us by providing your products specification, inventory update and selling price. We also provide the advertising service by display your promotion program or special offer by banners showcase. They can be found by Engineering Designers, Sourcing Professionals and Buyers from many industries Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Energy, Discrete Manufacturing, Mobile, Marine & Shipbuilding around the world. Don’t wait, contact us and build up your database.

Manufacturers can put your products information in front of thousands of engineers and purchasers every day. PNLookup provides online marketing solutions to make that happen. We also have the power to build professional communities that will help establish your brand as an industry leader. Contact us to show your features products, new design, innovative products generation.

We, PNLookup.com manage over 22 millions data parts record and growing everyday. We open the access for online parts data lookup.