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About ABB

ABBFounded in 1988, headquaters locate at Affolternstrasse 44 CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland. ABB is a multinational corporation, a global leader in power and automation technologies, employs 145,000 people, turnover $42B in 2013 and operates in approximately 100 countries. The current CEO is Ulrich Spiesshofer.

The ABB Group has five divisions consist of Power Products, Power Systems, Discrete Automation and Motion, Low Voltage Products and Process Automation. The wide range of product and application from ultra efficient high-voltage direct current power to low voltage direct current power includes circuit breakers, switchgear, capacitors, instrument transformers, power distribution and traction transformers, as well as a complete range of medium voltage products. ABB is also offering turkey solution for traditional and renewable energy based power generation plants, transmission grids and distribution networks.

Today ABB is the largest supplier of industrial motors and drives, the largest provider of generators to the wind industry and the largest supplier of power grids in the world.

ABB specialize products are motors, generators, drives, mechanical power transmission, robotics, PLCs, wind converters, solar inverters, voltage regulators, rectifiers, UPS systems, excitation systems, traction converters, fast DC chargers.

ABB's competitors are Schneider Electric, General Electric, Siemens, Alstom, Eaton Corporation.