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EATON CORPORATIONFounded in 1911 by J.O. Eaton, headquarter in Dublin, Ireland and key location in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The 2013 revenue of the combined companies was $22.0 billion, 101,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. Eaton Corporation is an American multinational power management company providing solutions to its customers to manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Follow the philosophy of founder, grow through acquisition, Eaton has acquired number of companies including Cutler Hammer, Powerware, Moeller, Cooper Industries, Santak, Airflex, Charlynn, Synflex, Vickers, Aeroquip, SEL. Eaton becomes diversifies company leading in power management provide products and solution for Aerospace, Electrical, Hydraulics, Filtration, Automotive, Truck, Hybrid Power, Industrial Clutches and Brakes, Plastic Extrusion.