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About SMC

SMCFounded in 1959, SMC Corporation is one of 70 largest Japanese Companies. Since its establishment, SMC has been a leader in pneumatic technology, providing industry with technology and products to support automation based on the guiding principle of contributing to automation labor savings in industry. SMC develops a broad range of control systems and equipment, such as directional control valves, actuators, and airline equipment to support diverse applications. The company has a global engineering network, with technical facilities in the United States, Europe and China, as well as Japan.

SMC Corporation of America is part of a global organization that supports customers in every industrialized country, and is the U.S. subsidiary of SMC Corporation based in Japan.

Specialties in Pneumatic, Temperature Control, Electrical, Fittings, Automation. SMC biggest competitors are Festo, Parker, Bosch Rexroth.